About the Webinar

Decision makers, be it from operations management, marketing, sales, or human resources, take business decisions which impact the business profit and cash flow. For example, raw material purchase decision adds to the business expenses while sales revenue impacts the income. Similarly, marketing budget is created keeping ROI in mind, while salaries managed by HR teams have a significant impact on the cash flow.

Therefore, while the ownership of good financial management lies with the finance team, it is the collective responsibility of all corporate functions to help the organization become financially successful.

Join us, as Dr. Anil Lamba, a bestselling author and an international corporate trainer in finance, discusses how corporate professionals could ensure that their short-term and long-term plans are financially sound and contribute to a thriving organization.

This webinar will help finance and non-finance professionals, consultants and aspiring students take their next step in becoming financially intelligent.

Key Take away from the Session

  • Get started with the basics of healthy financial management
  • Learn how different corporate functions impact the financial health of a business
  • Understand the key concepts behind a profit and loss statement, and balance sheet
  • Discover the impact of positive and negative cash flow on business performance
  • Understand the ‘concept of profit’ and the ‘role of expenses’ in organizations
Romancing the Balance Sheet

About Dr. Anil Lamba

Bestselling author, financial literacy activist and an international corporate trainer, Dr. Anil Lamba is a practicing Chartered Accountant and holds degrees in Commerce, Law and a Doctorate in Taxation. Dr. Anil Lamba’s training programs are held internationally, with a client list exceeding 2000 large and medium-sized corporations spread across several countries including India, the USA, and in Europe, the Middle-East and the Far-East.