Excel Fundamentals to Improve Your Productivity by 500%

Though you may be using Excel for any number of years, there are many things that might still be a mystery to you.

Most of us never realize that Excel tasks can be done in a much simpler and quicker way. Did you know that professionals take hours in formatting, cleaning and finalizing Excel data? Ideally, with the right Excel tools, it should take you only a few minutes.

In this upcoming webinar, Rushabh Shah, Founder and CEO of dltc.co, a corporate training firm specializing in Excel and Microsoft Office training, will cover all the necessary fundamentals you need to know about Excel, so that you can make optimal use of it.

Key Takeaways:

  • What are Excel data types, how to format and use data effectively
  • How to use important Excel functions on a daily basis to achieve better results
  • How to make a drop-down in Excel, use freeze panes, simplify printing, etc.
  • How to use conditional functions such as IF effectively
  • How to use keyboard shortcuts to improve your efficiency while using Excel

About Rushabh Shah

Rushabh is the founder and CEO of dltc.co, a company that specializes in Excel and Microsoft Office training for corporate professionals. Rushabh has helped organizations such as NABARD, Bliss GVS, and TCPL Packaging train their professionals and improve productivity.

Rushabh is also an avid blogger and runs a very successful YouTube channel on topics related to Excel.