Top Finance Skills that can get you Better Salary

In today’s world one has to continuously upskill to stay relevant for their current jobs as well as for their next role. To help you get a better picture, we looked at some data from PayScale for Finance Managers and have created an Infographic titled “Top Finance skills that can get you a better salary”. This data will help you understand how skills and geography impact the salaries of mid-career Finance professionals and what you can do to stay [...]

Learn How to Read and Make a Balance Sheet

Making your business successful involves, not just strategies, products, and people but also finances. Then what is the foundation of a successful business? The bedrock is money and its management. In formal language, it is called Financial Management. However, the term scares many people away and tricks them into thinking that those working in the finance department should be the ones to know how to manage the organization’s money. It is unfortunate that this assumption has been the reason [...]