Top Finance Skills that can get you Better Salary

In today’s world one has to continuously upskill to stay relevant for their current jobs as well as for their next role. To help you get a better picture, we looked at some data from PayScale for Finance Managers and have created an Infographic titled “Top Finance skills that can get you a better salary”. This data will help you understand how skills and geography impact the salaries of mid-career Finance professionals and what you can do to stay ahead of the curve.

The average salary of a mid-career Finance Manager in India is Rs.10,72,754 Lakhs. Data suggests that upgrading your skills will help you gain a significant rise in your pay. Across major Indian cities, the median salary is higher for Gurgaon and Bangalore, ranging at the Rs.13 Lakh mark. Following close at their heels are Pune and Mumbai with an average of Rs.11 Lakh salary.

The PayScale report suggests that if a Finance Manager learns

  • Accounting, then he/she is due to get a raise of 4% in his/her salary
  • Budgeting and Financial Modeling then he/she gets a 10% rise in his/her pay
  • Financial Reporting and Financial Analysis then an increase of 11% in his/her wage

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