Learn How to Read and Make a Balance Sheet

Making your business successful involves, not just strategies, products, and people but also finances. Then what is the foundation of a successful business? The bedrock is money and its management. In formal language, it is called Financial Management. However, the term scares many people away and tricks them into thinking that those working in the finance department should be the ones to know how to manage the organization’s money. It is unfortunate that this assumption has been the reason for losses made by so many organizations.

This assumption has long been challenged by Dr. Anil Lamba who is an acclaimed corporate trainer. Dr. Anil Lamba is a practicing chartered accountant and holds degrees in commerce, law and a doctorate in taxation. Dr. Lamba conducts training programs internationally, in countries such as India, USA, Europe, Middle East and the South Asia-Pacific. There are some 2000 clients who have availed of his expertise and range from large to medium-sized corporations.

In his bestselling book ‘Romancing the Balance Sheet’, he explains how each employee’s actions or decisions impact the bottom line of the organization. Dr. Lamba defines the concept further by saying that, “Financial management is merely the ability, on the part of EVERY individual… to understand the financial implication of EVERY action”.

All those in sales, operations, administrative department among many other departments, should have an understanding of accounts and by that Dr. Lamba means explicitly – being able to read and make a Balance Sheet. A Balance Sheet is an accounting statement of the organization which helps one to gain an understanding of the health of an organization. How will reading or making a Balance sheet help employees? It hones an employee’s “ability to take financially intelligent decisions [and] that is what financial management is all about.”

Dr. Lamba is keen to promote the topic of financial literacy among corporate professionals who may or may not have a finance background. He has hosted a webinar through Learno, (an online course marketplace which focuses on making high-quality instructor-led courses available to everyone across the world) on ‘Romancing the Balance Sheet‘.

This webinar was organized with the motive to help finance and non-finance professionals, consultants and aspiring students to become financially intelligent. To learn more, watch this video:

Through the webinar, the learner is sure to get profound insights on

  • What does profit mean and how inventory and sales impact it?
  • How to read Balance Sheets and deploy funds intelligently?
  • Making the most efficient use of working capital
  • Discovering the simple secrets of Marginal Costing, Leverage and Funds Flow

Romancing the Balance Sheet is one of the most famous books by Dr. Anil Lamba which is written in a simple conversational style. This will teach you all the intelligent ways of Good Financial Management.

Dr. Anil Lamba’s courses on Good Finance Management are now available on Learno. Enroll now to get started.

About Learno

Learno is an “online marketplace with a mission to make high-quality instructor-led courses available to everyone across the world. Learno collaborates with internationally acclaimed educators and trainers from finance and related areas to develop and offer expert instructor-led programs online. Every step in Learno is designed to keep learner objective as the primary focus – successful course completion, mastery of concepts, and fulfillment of expectations from the course is our raison d’etre. Therefore, the courses are supported by an extensive Learner Success Program (LSP) led by Learner Success Managers (LSMs) who work with the learners to meet program objectives meaningfully. LSMs track, follow-up and helps learners make steady progress in the course of phone-based support, teaching assistance and discussion forums.”

“We are different because we give due attention to every learner’s need.”

Dr. Anil Lamba is partnering with Learno to launch his financial modules for the benefit of the non-finance background professionals. He looks forward to helping and connecting with professionals through his instructor-led courses, on Learno.

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