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About Learno

Learno is an online marketplace with a mission to make high-quality instructor-led courses available to everyone across the world.

Learno collaborates with internationally acclaimed educators and trainers from finance and related areas to develop and offer expert instructor-led programs online. Every step in Learno is designed to keep learner objective as the primary focus – successful course completion, mastery of concepts, and fulfillment of expectations from the course is our raison d’etre. Therefore, the courses are supported by an extensive Learner Success Program (LSP) led by Learner Success Managers (LSMs) who work with the learners to meet program objectives meaningfully. LSMs track, follow-up and helps learners make steady progress in the course with phone-based support, teaching assistance and discussion forums.

“We are different because we give due attention to every learner’s need”

Why Learno?

  • Access to high quality instructor-led courses which are otherwise offered only in multi-day classroom program format
  • Several hours of live interaction with celebrity instructors and trainers every month
  • Expert guidance from learner success managers and teaching assistants throughout the course
  • Access to professionally-designed course videos, case studies, live classes, quizzes and graded assignments
  • Learning in flipped classroom environment with proven results in course completion rates and learner engagement
  • Issuance of certificate by the instructor on successful completion of course